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It's all about life photography by Elena Ganusova is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and provides wide range of photography services: family portraiture, senior and children portraiture, lifestyle and environmental portraiture, engagement and weddings, photo restoration.


I was born and raised in Russia, Siberia, to be exact. I am microbiology and biophysics major (PhD) and all my life I worked in the research labs. I fell in love with photography when I was about 6 years old; actually my father introduced me into the magic of the black-and-white photography. My interest in photography grew stronger with years and finally I decided to go to the school at the University of TN (Knoxville), where I got my first certification in photography. It is hard to believe, that 6 years ago I could not even dream about showing my images, actually my artwork, to the audience. My work was highly accepted in the various local, state, national and international competitions and was exhibited in the Knoxville galleries. 



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